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Dr Zoo Ambassadors

Dr Zoo Ambassador  Rocco Wigglebutt Williams 

  Rocco is a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

  who lives in Lake Macquarie, NSW.

  He loves going out to the park and playing with his friends. 

  He can't seem to choose one favourite Dr Zoo product but 

  the only way he is willing to get a bath is if it's with the

  Dr Zoo Shampoo. 


Dr Zoo Ambassador  


  Midge is a Maltese x Shihtzu

living in Melbourne, VIC. 

  She is a fashion lover and she loves

to buy new clothes online.

  She loves the Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo

and the Bamboo Grooming Brush. 



Dr Zoo Ambassador Winston Manner 

 Winston is a Pug who believes all dogs deserve the best.

 So he has his own fashion label.

 When he is not posing for the camera, he is busy designing

 new collars and leashes. 

 If he has to choose one Dr Zoo product, he would choose

 the Natural Zinc-Free Sun Cream.



Dr Zoo AmbassadorsPiper the Cavoodle

Piper is such a girly girl and with only 

four years old, she is theChief Executive

Barker of Oodle&Co.

She lives on the Gold Coast and she

enjoys the sunny days. 

Her favourite product is the

Ruff to Fluff Natural Dry Shampoo