We all know how much dogs love to dip in the water or rolling in the mud during the outdoor adventures. And what happens when you’re in your daily walk and starts pouring rain? Then you have to prepare for the inevitable shake off as soon as your dog walks in through the front door. And what happens when you have to give your dog a bath? Drying can be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to grooming your dog. But you don’t have to fear about water and mud going all over you, your car or your house. 

We don’t want to seem bias but, Our Shake it Off Shammy is the perfect tool to have handy to clean and dry your dog. It holds more water than a regular cotton towel and stronger against ripping and tearing. Is so easy to use and only needs to be rung out to dry. The drawback with cotton towels at the pool, gym or when travelling is that they get very heavy when wet (and cold) and take a long time to dry.


Here some benefits of using our Shake it Off Shammy instead of a normal towel:

  • Pulls water off the coat like a sponge, dry quickly and easily.
  • Easy cleaning, no hair will stick on.
  • SUPER absorbent microfiber soaks MORE water and mud than other
  • Dries dogs FASTER than a cotton towel or blow dryer
  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t hold odour
  • Quick drying without rubbing to prevent knotting
  • Easy to store
  • Machine washable

As the shammy becomes full and heavy just wring it out and then return to drying your pet. After use, you just need to rinse it out with water. Wring it out and return to the storage canister, until the next bath or adventure.

These are great for drying off wet dogs after a swim in the sea or a run in the rain. Applied straight afterwards these will keep nasty wet dog smells to a minimum.

What's the Pack saying? 

"Now mum doesn't have to attack me with that scary hairdryer!" Piper the Cavoodle

"I love the smell of wet dog, SAID NO ONE EVER! A shammy a day keeps the wet dog away". Byron the Bulldog

"We will never try and dry our big hairy dog with a towel ever again. Gone are the days of damp, smelly towels, filled with dog hair..and the dog is somehow still wet!". Archer the GSD

What happens if your shammy goes stiff? Is it damaged?

No, it's just dried out. Soak it in water, wring it out, and it'll be soft and ready to use again.