Everyone who owns a pet knows that first, they are part of the family and second they’re like a child, not only with their sometimes naughty behaviour but because we love them unconditionally.

We want to celebrate furry mums because why not? They are sometimes sleep deprived, they have to take care of them when they’re sick and they have to raise and train good pets. How do we know? Because we know many of them and we want to share their stories of unconditional furry love with you. So we send our own reporter (AKA Fat Cat) to interview a few of them.

Piper & Lia

Fat Cat: Tell us a little bit about you and Piper

Lia: Piper came into our lives almost 4 years ago and has no doubt changed us for the better. It was actually my partner, Andrew, who wanted to get a dog and it was me that took a little convincing but as soon as we found Piper and went to visit her at just 8 weeks old I fell in love. Cavoodles are such a loyal, loving and affectionate breed that Piper and I became so close very quickly and she is definitely my 'baby'. I love spending time with Piper and taking her out on weekends to the park, beach and cafes. Through having Piper I have also met so many other amazing Cavoodle and dog owners who have become close friends and even started a doggie related business, Oodle&co out of my love for Piper so I am definitely a fully-fledged crazy dog lady now!

Fat Cat: What’s the best part of being a furry mum?

Lia: The unconditional love that a dog provides is so valuable. Piper has been by my side through the best and worst times over the last 4 years and I never feel alone. The best part of my day is waking up to her cuddles and coming home to an excited wagging tail each night. Being a fur mum has also made me more active and social as I love taking Piper out and about and meeting other dog owners and their pups some of whom have become close friends. I have met and become friends with people who come from all walks of life, of different ages and backgrounds yet we are all united by the love of our dogs and I think that is so special. I can honestly say that bringing Piper into our lives is one of the best things we have ever done.

Emma & Winston

Fat Cat: Tell us a little bit about you and Winston

Emma: I have always been a dog lover, previous to Winston I had a slightly mad but wonderful boxer. Not having room for a big dog I decided a pug was the next best thing, little did I realise what I was in for. 

Pugs are a whole different breed and I really believe only fellow pug owners know where I am coming from. I call Winston the Chinese Emperor because I swear he has been on this earth before.  There is nothing I can teach him that he doesn’t already know.  But a dog with such intelligent and ability to communicate and demand what they want isn’t for the faint-hearted.  A lot of hard work and discipline has gone into our relationship. We have a lot of fun and our relationship is built on trust. He follows me happily off the lead, at no stage is he tempted to leave my side because he knows he is safe with me.  This makes him an absolute pleasure to have around. We love to get out and about together, our weekly trip to the markets is a treat for both of us (literally), we have swimming lesson together, of which Winston isn’t keen on, but every day is full on fun, laughter and adventures.














Fat Cat: What’s the best part of being a furry mum?

Emma: Being Winston’s mum is one of the best roles in the world. Very rarely does he ever get in trouble or do anything that would upset me.  Sharing my every day with a squishy faced, round rolly ball of love is the best part of every day.





Charlie, Frankie & Jess

Fat Cat: Tell us a little bit about you and Charlie and Frankie? 

Jess: Charlie and Frankie are my two beautiful English cocker spaniels - my golden two! Charlie is one and a half and Frankie is three months old. I searched for a cocker spaniel for months when looking for Charlie - I had one growing up and he was my best friend, and I really wanted another. Charlie happened to become available last minute at eight weeks old and it was absolutely meant to be - fate if you will - that we were meant to be in each other's lives. He is my best friend and owns my heart! (Bedsides my boyfriend, obviously)

Fat Cat: What’s the best part of being a furry mum?

Jess: We became a two-furbaby family when Charlie's sister was due to have a litter of pups and honestly I just couldn't resist! She is technically Charlie's little niece and together they are my biggest time wasters, biggest distractions, and biggest loves! They absolutely adore each other and spent countless hours playing, swimming, snuggling, smooching and eating (of course)! The best part about being a fur mama is the endless and unconditional love, the happy-faced brightness to come home to at the end of each day, and the cuddles that are like no other.