With Easter just around the corner again, it’s a good time to review what is toxic to our pets and what’s not. The big one we all generally know of is chocolate, so keep those Easter treats out of nose height. Especially watch out for deliveries that get left at your doorstep as your dog or cat may be the first to open it! I have written a previous blog about chocolate so have a look there for more info regarding this sweet but toxic favourite. Below are some household items you may not have realized can be toxic to our pets:

Alcohol – signs can include bloating, quiet and depressed demeanour, some may even enter a coma. Unbaked bread dough can be a source of alcohol so keep this up high and away from your pets!

Ant Bait - The baits usually contain something sticky and sweet to attract ants or cockroaches and also our pets, the signs are usually mild and don't always require treatment if ingested but 

check with your vet if your pet does ingest these.

Seeded Fruits - Usually the problem here with dogs is ingestion of the seed causing a gastrointestinal obstruction. Signs seen at home are vomiting, loss of appetite and either diarrhoea or no stool produced. The most common I have seen in avocado seed ingestion. Avocado is toxic to rabbits and birds and should never be included in their diet!

Grapes and Raisins - Can cause kidney failure so beware of pets getting into fruit loaf or even occasional grape. Signs at home include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy.

Lillies – These are extremely toxic to cats causing acute kidney failure even if only a small amount is ingested or the toxin enters through their gums. Initial signs can include drooling, vomiting and 

lethargy, then you may notice increased thirst and urination. Don't have lilies in your house EVER! if you own a cat and if you do suspect Lilly poisoning then get to your vet immediately!

Macadamia nuts – Signs usually present the day that the nuts are ingested and can 

Mushrooms and mouldy foods - can cause vomiting, diarrhea seizures, liver failure, coma and death. So Beware!

 Onion and Garlic - These cause your pet to bleed internally as they damage red blood cells. This may go unknown at first, then you might see red coloured urine, vomiting or diarrhoea. Keep those pets away from BBQs!

Tobacco - Is toxic and can cause seizures, panting, muscle tremors, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Tomato stems and leaves - Can cause acute 

kidney failure if ingested.

Chewing gum and oral mints - Many sugar-free products contain Xylitol which even if ingested in small amounts can be toxic and cause seizures and coma.




 Happy Easter and remember keep your pets safe!



Dogtor Andy