New Years resolutions for your pet!


With 2019 already in full swing, it’s a nice month to come to some new year’s resolutions for our pets. We often create goals for ourselves but why not make some for our pets this year? As pet owners we are often so busy with life in general that the years just fly by. So, lets make 2019 different! Here are some tips on what we can do for our pet’s this year…


1. Get a check up at your vet twice this year! Have you seen a lump growing slowly last year on your dog or cats’ skin? This year you should get it checked out as it may need to be removed.

2. Start brushing your dog’s teeth. This is a known preventative you can perform at home to reduce plaque and dental disease. If your vet recommends a scale and polish, go for it. That bad breath will be banished!

3. Dog proof your home. Have that spot in the yard that Scruffy keeps exploring? Do something about it this year to keep others out and your pet in.

4. Weight loss! Ok isn’t this on most peoples NYE resolution list? Well it goes for our pet’s too. Stop those extra table scraps and get your pet into a healthy weight bracket. This can be determined with a weigh in at your pet store or vet.

5. Get active with your pet. If you are a cat owner then schedule more play time with them. As for dog owners, take them for a walk at least 3-4 x per week. You could even try a new activity such as dog agility classes or group walking.

6. Brush your dog or cats coat at least once weekly. Brushing with Dr Zoo Bamboo Brush will help stimulate hair follicles and massage the skin. 

7. Update all of your pets’ details with council and microchipping database. A few phone calls could be the factor that reunites you with your pet if he goes missing.

8. Take them on holiday! There are some great pet friendly places to stay  in Australia and heaps of pet friendly cafes so you can really have some fun!

9. Begin that preventative campaign, start tick control today! On the east coast we are still heavily in paralysis tick season. Make sure your pet is up to date with wormers and vaccinations also.

10. Start a quality diet for your pet. Scrap that cheap and salty food and replace with a quality diet. I recommend Royal Canin, Hills, Advance and Eukanuba.

11. Get a pet portrait session done! Special photos will be memories kept forever and particularly as our pets age it is the best keepsake we could have.

12. Volunteer at your local shelter. If you have a little extra love to give, spend a day helping our friends that don’t get that daily love and attention our own pets receive.

13. Get your pet insured! Its always something we consider, do research on then it gets put on the back burner. Do it now before something happens!

14. Try a few fun things... Try dog yoga or stand up paddle boarding, throw a birthday party for your pet, unleash your cat’s inner predator and play hide and seek with treats or a toy.

15. And if you get to nothing else on your list, make time every day to give your pet a hug!

Happy 2019 everybody, we look forward to another year!



Dogtor Andy