Your pet paws are as delicate as your feet. Like ours, they need to be taken care of and pampered. You wouldn’t walk across a hot parking lot or a snow covered field without the proper protection, the same applies for your pooch. Paws pads need attention and care and you should always be aware of the nail length, cracked pads and of objects stuck in between paw pads.

We have compiled a few easy steps to follow all year round to protect your pet paws and to prevent problems such as torn nails, pad burns, and frostbite.


If all you can hear when your pet is walking is ‘click, click, click’, then is time to clip the nails. Nails should barely skim the ground. With a little bit of practice, you can do this yourself but if you don’t feel confident, most vets or groomer offer this service. Make sure to also trim the fur around the paws and between the toes.


When walking, hiking or at the beach with your dog, always pay attention to their paws and how they’re walking. Sometimes they can step on glass or sharp things that can lacerate their paw pads or the paws themselves. Things like thorns, burs, or sharp objects can also be stuck in their paws while on walks. Always check their paws and pads after every adventure.

Wipe off

Ice, snow, salt, and other chemicals found on the streets can be harmful to a pet’s paws. Always make sure to wipe their paws when they come inside after the daily walks, hiking or a day at the beach. If take your dog out into the snow, try to put snow booties on. In summer, put your palm on the ground and hold for 5 seconds, if it is ok for your hand then it's ok for paws.


By nature, pets don’t like when their paws are touched. Like with bath time, food time, grooming time, etc. you must help and train your pooch to feel comfortable with you being around and checking its paws and pads. If you’re getting or have a puppy, make sure you get it used to have its feet meddled with and nails trimmed. If you have an adult dog, try to start a routine and like with a puppy, treats can make the trick.


Your pet’s pads can easily get dry and cracked so a moisturiser is a must have. Don’t use moisturisers for humans as sometimes they can contain ingredients that are not suitable for pets especially when ingested and you know they lick their paws all the time. Take the time to give it a nice and relaxing paw massage. Rub between the pads at the bottom of his paw, and then rub between each of his toes.