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  • 20 Apr 2017

    Furry Mother's Day

    Everyone who owns a pet knows that first, they are part of the family and second they’re like a child, not only with their sometimes naughty behaviour but because we love them unconditionally. We want to celebrate furry mums because why not? They are sometimes sleep deprived, they have to take care of them when they’re sick and they have to raise and train good pets. How do we know? B...

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    02 Apr 2017

    Do you have an itchy pet?

    If you have an itchy pet your first question must be, why is my pet itching? All pets can be itch sometimes and this itch can have a number of causes. The first has to do with the condition of the skin itself: Is it infected? Is it too oily? Is it too dry? Of these three, dry skin is a frequent occurrence. The second major cause is allergies. Your vet is the best person to provide a good...

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