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Pet Selfie Stick

Pet Selfie Stick

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Quick Overview

Dogs, cats and other pets often run for the hills when it’s time for a bath. Dr Zoo Dry Shampoo is designed to quickly freshen your pet without the major ordeal a wet bath can sometimes become. Our powder formula naturally freshens up your pet in between their normal wash by absorbing oils, odours and dirt that can cause our pets to look and smell like something the cat dragged in. Containing a phthalate free, low irritant fragrant oil (some essential oils don't suit animals) your pet will smell as fresh as a daisy! Easy on the eyes, easy on your nose.

Great for dogs, cats and most pets, even guinea pigs. Also great for the Glamour Puss that dislikes being washed.


You just need to slip the attachment onto the top of your phone or tablet, place the Dr Zoo Selfie Ball on top and snap!. You can use the front view camera to take a selfie or the rear to take cute portraits of your pet without losing their attention.

Learn how to make your pet InstaFamous at our blog!

*Phone not included

Additional Information

Testimonials Are you ready to make your pet instafamous? Our Dr Zoo Selfie Stick* will help you catch your pet attention to snap the perfect shot for the Instagram.

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